Monday, May 17, 2010


I haven't posted here in such a long time primarily for two reasons: my doll collection is housed in the states and I really don't have very good images to share with you; and it's just hard to find the information I'm searching for. I do have a little bit more on Ada Lum, but have not found the time of energy to work it into a post-able format. I leave you with these photos of one of my mystery dolls. He looks so much like a Lum doll, though somewhat smaller; and carries the attached tag "Sun Wong Doll" and a stamp "Made in Formosa" (Formosa is an old name for Taiwan).

Note the split pants

If you have any knowledge of this doll I would love to hear it.


Aaron said...

Hi there!
How fun it was to find your blog and see that you are trying to find more information on your mystery doll.
Just yesterday, I stumbled across 3 dolls in my local antique mall. I know nothing of antiquing, or dolls...I just fell in love with their little Asian faces and clothes and purchased them. In trying to find details about them, I see one is an Ada Lum doll and one of the others is a 'sister' to your mystery doll-stamped 'Made in Formosa', with a Sun Wong yellow, paper tag.
If this reaches you, let me know, and I'll send pictures! ;)
Much love,

Steph said...

Hi Angela. What fun. I'd love to see photos of your dolls. If this comment finds its way to you. I'm just not sure how to locate your e-mail address.


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