Sunday, November 1, 2009

Micale Cloth Dolls

I'm posting some photos comparing different Michael Lee cloth dolls. For more information on this doll maker please see my March 15, 2009 post....

Above is a photo of an older Micale cloth mother and baby side-by-side with the 1989 doll shown in my earlier post. In addition to the size difference, the flesh material has changed and the painting of the faces becomes more modernized and simplified. Thus far all of the cloth Micale dolls that I have seen, do have the five fingered hands with two mid fingers sewn together.

The sweet sister doll picture above is very similar to the cloth Micale doll on display at the Mint Museum in Singapore. Both dolls' outfits have the traditional Chinese frog clasps, and the little girl has two children appliqued on her tunic (one with individual loose pigtails).

I am assuming that this particular mother doll is a good bit older than the others, but currently have no way to verfiy this information.

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